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[Person 1]:       You can’t see me because I’m talking right now, but I’m here with – this is Araidna and where are you, Guy?

[Person 2]:       He left.

[P1]:     Anyway, um, so Araidna and Guy, they just moved into this great home in Copperas Cove and I wanted to – and we actually hadn’t had a chance to meet each other, so –

[P2]:     No, I did everything over the Internet (before I moved here). –

[P1]:     Yeah, we did everything online and uh – and we just got a chance to meet … They moved from Ohio, they had to wait until school was over until they could get to the area and get to beautiful Copperas Cove with all the trees and everything. And, um, so now they’re here and I thought I’d meet them face-to-face and see what some of their favorite things are in the house, that she actually hadn’t had a chance to see until you guys actually just got here about a month ago, right?

[P2]:     Mhm.

[P1]:     So, you like the blinds, right?

[P2]:     I love the blinds, they’re real easy to function; you can pull them up and down … Um, I like the fireplace; I like the look of it. It’s kind of rustic. It fits in with my beige, earthy kind of things.

[P1]:     Well you guys have this great house on uh, the golf course, it’s a very rare find. Um, do you have any –

[P2]:     It’s a great view.

[P1]:     Do you, yes, and very peaceful. Yeah, nice and private cause you don’t have uh neighbors behind. Do you have any ideas for things you might wanna do different to the house? Like any kind of paint or any upgrades or anything?

[P5]:     We’re gonna paint our rooms.

[P1]:     You’re gonna paint your rooms?

[P2]:     And I’m gonna paint my room and the bathroom … And then, eventually I wanna put new countertops in the kitchen.

[P1]:     Oh, okay. Very cool … I just wanted to, uh, congratulate you guys on being able to get into your home.

[P2]:     Thank you.

[P1]:     Thank you.

Guy and Araidna M.
Copperas Cove, TX


[Person 1]:       Hi, my name’s Lara with Home Freedom Properties. I’m sitting here with Stephanie and Omar. You guys just purchased a home, a great home in Pflugerville. Five bedrooms, corner lot, huge backyard and I just wanna get a little feedback from you guys on how you feel and whatever you’d like to say.

[Person 2]:       Man, I guess it hasn’t kicked in that I just bought a house this quick and this easy. Seems like it was pretty simple. I mean, before we were just looking at duplex, apartments and rent was 900, thousand dollars, so I just thought of myself, might as well buy something for me. And, we came to this, y’all did a great job with us, I really appreciate and a great chance, a great opportunity for us to have one. And, hopefully stay there for awhile.

[P1]:     Yeah. Absolutely. And you’re in the construction, remodeling business, and I guess, uh your wife, wifey over here.

[P2]:     She already has a lot of ideas.

[P1]:     You guys have some ideas on some things to do and to make the home fit your personality more.

[P2]:     Yeah. Well hers actually, she’s deciding every paint, every this, everything.

[P1]:     Cool.

[P2]:     Uh, you know what? I just love the backyard. Especially park my boat and my jetski that I have.

[P1]:     Nice.  Nice, that’ll be a lot of fun … And you guys don’t have any dogs or anything, but I guess you’re thinking about getting a few?

[P2]:     Yeah.

[P1]:     Now you just have to agree on what size dog to get, right?

[P2]:     Just one for now. I don’t want to have two, I just want to have one for now and just go from there.

[P1]:     Cool, and um, what was the other thing? Oh, and you’re in a 1 bedroom apartment right now, and now you’re, you’re –

[P2]:     Lot of space.

[P1]:     -- upsizing quite a bit to a lot more space. So that’s really exciting. Um, anything else you wanna share?

[P2]:     No, just thank you for everything.

[P1]:     Cool, you’re welcome. Thank you so much … Congratulations you guys!

Omar and Stephanie
Pflugerville, TX


[Person 1]:       Hey, I’m Lara and I’m standing here with Charles and Na –

[Person 2]:       Neni.

[P1]:     Neni. I always say her name wrong. Um, they just purchased an awesome home. Gorgeous 2200 square foot home in Harker Heights, uh, Texas. Uh, Neni, she’s a little nervous, but she’s actually, she’s very excited, um and I wanted to give you guys a little something. Uh, they don’t have anything fancy.

[P2]:     Oh!  Thank you.

[P1]:     A little chocolate, you know, not everybody’s into champagne, so there you go. And this is a little card for you guys, you can check it out later if you want.

[P2]:     Thank you.

[P3]:     Thank you very much.

[P1]:     So, I just wanted to see, you know, how do you guys feel right now?

[P2]:     I’m happy.

[P1]:     Good, how do you feel?

[P3]:     You know, if mama’s happy, everybody’s happy.

[P1]:     Okay.

[P2]:     I’m MAMA?!? (laughs)

[P1]:     … But, anyway, well um – so, tell me a little bit about your situation again? You, um, how long were you looking for a home and all of that?

[P2]:     A home, forever.

[P3]:     … well Neni’s been look for a place of her own for a long period.

[P1]:     For a long time.

[P3]:     So, she’s gotta be tickled to death to get her family all under one roof.

[P1]:     Great.

[P3]:     A place to call her own, so.

[P1]:     That’s great …Yeah. Do you have any plans to make any changes to the home at all? Any paint or …?

[P2]:     Actually, yes.

[P1]:     Yeah?  What are you thinking about, painting?

[P2]:     I still don’t know, I just thinking.

[P1]:     Yeah, well that’s part of the fun of owning a home. You get to make it your own so.

[P2]:     Yes.

[P3]:     Lara, thank you so much for, you’ve been wonderful.  We appreciate everybody here at, uh, Freedom Home Realty.

[P1]:     Home Freedom Properties.

[P3]:     Yes. Home Freedom.

Charles S and Neni R
Harker Heights, TX


[Person 1]:       Hey there, my name is Lara Fobian. I’m sitting here with Chris, Chris just uh, you wanna say hi?

[Person 2]:       Hi, hi … I’m Chris, I just bought my house with Home Free – Home Freedom Realities. Awesome, I’m so stoked. Uh, they worked great. Uh, Lara’s great. I can’t wait to get in there and like paint it. And make it totally crazy and awesome. It’s gonna be my lovely home, I’m so stoked, you guys have been awesome, seriously, really awesome.

[P1]:     Good!

[P2]:     All the questions I had, answered them no problem, even worked out some of my mortgage stuff that I had, um some problems with and you’ve really gone above and beyond for me and I really appreciate it. Thank you.

[P1]:     Oh, cool.

[P2]:     Thank you very much Lara.

[P1]:     Oh, you’re welcome.

[P2]:     Thank you very much.

[P1]:     Well, um, congratulations? … Owner financing, very easy to qualify. Um, I’m really excited for you Chris.  And I just want to let you know that we had a couple that had looked at the home, um, before Christmas, so it was about a month or two months ago. The home hadn’t been on the market for very long and they fell in love with the house and the wife really wanted it. And the husband was kinda ehhh about it, and I just called and spoke with um, the occupant today and she said, yeah I ran into the Realtor at the grocery store and they are like crying that they lost this house. They didn’t get this house, so – I just, I mean, not to –

[P2]:     If I wasn’t such a nice guy, that would hurt my feelings, but you know what?  This is the house for me!

[P1]:     Yes, I just wanted to let you know that um, you got a home that was in very – it was very desirable and we had some people that were heartbroken that they couldn’t get it, so congratulations.

[P2]:     Well, I’m planning on taking really good care of it, so thanks Lara.

[P1]:     I’m excited for you. Congratulations, thank you.

Chris G
Austin, TX


[Person 1]:       This is Tisha and Tors. Happy new homeowners! Very happy, so happy that they’re crying and so, you guys wanna say a little bit about your experience and, and how everything went and how you feel?

[Person 2]:       Sure. Uh, if it wasn’t for Lara helping us and walking with us every step of the way, we wouldn’t be sittin here and I still scream to the high heavens. You’re one of the greatest, thank you.

[P1]:     Thank you guys, we enjoyed working with you. I’m so happy we’re able to make you into homeowners
Tisha and Tors
Round Rock, TX


[Person 1]:       This is John and Maria, they are the happy new owners of a home in Killeen, Texas. And, they’re a little bit shy right now, so uh, go ahead and tell us a little bit about your experience and how you guys feel right now.

[Person 2]:       I really didn’t think we were gonna be able to find a home, being so young.

[Person 3]:       Yeah, me, me just turning 22, not being exactly financially stable, when we first met we didn’t think getting out of an apartment would be a viable option, but now we have our first home and we’re getting ready to move in.

[P2]:     Yep. Especially being in the military too.

[P1]:     Cool, so what are your plans for your home in terms of decorating and uh, paint and stuff like that?

[P2]:     I’ve already been told I’m painting.

[P3]:     -- painting, we’re gonna decorate our daughters room.

[P1]:     That’s great, well congratulations you guys.

[P2 and P3]:    Thank you!

John and Maria O.
Killeen, TX


[Person 1]:       Hello, my name is Lara with Home Freedom Properties, I’m sitting here with Miles and his wife is a little bit camera shy, so she’s not on camera right now. But, and this is your daughter, what was her name?

[Person 2]:       Miley.

 [P1]:    I see … Miles just bought a great home. It’s definitely, he’s the envy of many other home – of many other potential homeowners that we’ve spoken with who were – kept calling us after they already tied the home up and said is that home, over there in the Bridgewood subdivision, is that one still available? No, I’m sorry, it’s already been taken, so. Anyway, you guys have been living in there for about a month or so.

[P2]:     Yes we have.

[P1]:     Do you wanna share a little bit about your experience or how you’re feeling right now? Or what you’ve done to the home? Anything like that?

[P2]:     Um, overall the experience has been great. I mean, you have been nothing but an absolute help to us from Day 1, when we first all initially started ... You helped us in every aspect … thank you so much for everything.

[P1]:     Thank you.

[P2]:     And the home is, it’s a wonderful home. The family is real happy, my wife, she was really excited initially.  She did a whole bunch of nice things to it. And she’s my woman and I wanna thank her for doing all that stuff. She’s thanked me, but basically it’s a wonderful home; it’s a beautiful home. We’re fortunate, we’re so lucky, we’re blessed. And, we’ve been looking for a couple years.

[P1]:     Really?

[P2]:     We decided to wait and once we figured out we’d be staying here, we said, you know what? Let’s go ahead and make it happen, and good thing we waited like she all wanted to do and we ended up with a really, really nice and wonderful home.

[P1]:     Great.

[P2]:     Like I said, that’s tribute to you and your company.

[P1]:     Oh.

[P2]:     Couldn’t do it without you.

[P1]:     Well thank you very much. I do appreciate those kind words. And I’m really happy you guys are happy. Now let’s see, you guys have done interior paint.

[P2]:     Yes, we painted the whole inside, upstairs, downstairs, in the living room it was carpet and we changed it, we went ahead and put hardwood flooring down and um, that’s about it so far. We changed the light fixtures on the outside. Um, and plan to do a privacy fence, here probably the early part of next year.

[P1]:    Oh, okay, great do a privacy fence. Sounds good!  Well I’m really excited to see what the house looks like. I was gonna stop by earlier today, but his little girl here – it’s, here it is a little less than a week from Christmas and she’s got a little bit of a fever so I’m trying to keep, keep from getting her cooties, so. Oh, I’m sorry sweetie. I’m sure Santa will bring you the gift of health here next week.

[P2]:     (laughing)

[P1]:     She’s gonna, she’s gonna cough right in my face just to get back at me, I know it! But, uh anyway, well congratulations you guys, I’m really happy we were able to help you guys out.

[P2]:     Oh, thank you so much again, Lara. Thank you for everything.

[P1]:     And, yes, no problem. And Merry Christmas!

[P2]:     Same to you.

[P1]:     Okay.

Miles and Toni G.
Killeen, TX


[Person 1]:        Hey there, my name is Lara, I’m with Home Freedom Properties. I’m sitting here wish Isabel and Columbus, um.

[Person 2]:        Hi.

[P1]:     And they just purchased a wonderful home on a golf course and they’re very excited about it. So, I just wanted to hear a little bit, um, about their story and how they feel about how things went and how they feel about the future. And, you guys can just tell me kinda how you feel or you can look at the camera, whatever you prefer.

[P3]:     Uh, we’ve been looking for a place for our own for about 4 years now. Uh, we tried to go and get a loan through a bank and uh, our credit score wasn’t high enough, we still was workin hard. We came across uh, the ad Miss Lara had on the website, the Freedom website and seen some stuff and looked at the options. And uh, we tried it out and we qualified for it. And uh, it’s a happy time. Um, future looks bright, we’re gonna fix the house up and uh, I’m just excited about doing it. I’m tired of paying rent for something that’s not, that’s not gonna ever be mine. And we was able to get something that’s uh, affordable and a chance to own something.

[P2]:     And Miss Lara made it real easy. She uh, walked us through every step of the way and uh, we really appreciate all that she’s done to help us um, achieve our goal. And uh, we look forward to continue working with her and um, we would recommend Miss Lara to assist you and obtain your first home.

[P1]:     Oh, thank you so much you guys. That’s really sweet. Were you gonna say something else?

[P3]:     I appreciate it. I appreciate you.

[P2]:     He even mentioned 4 years ago, that we did get in contact with her ...

[P1]:     Oh yeah, that was another thing. And I don’t think it was 4 years ago. It might have been 2 or 3 years ago.

[P3]:     It might have been 2 or 3, yeah.

[P1]:     Yeah, its funny. When Columbus and I finally got to meet – and we actually met just less than a week ago.

[P2]:     Yes.

[P1]:     And here we are closing on your home!

[P2]:     Thank you very much.

Columbus and Isabel S.
Copperas Cove, TX


[Person 1]:       It’s been great working with Lara. Thank you Lara for all your help.

[Person 2]:       No problem.

[Person 3]:       I can’t WAIT. I’m so excited about our house.

[P2]:     Oh good. Well, congratulations to you guys … I’m sure you’ll be very happy.

[P3]:     Yes we will, thank you.

[P1]:     No problem, thanks.

Round Rock, TX


[Person 1]:     Hey there, this is Lara Fobian and I’m standing here with Adriana. She’s very happy as you can see!

[Person 2]:     Hi.

[P1]:    She just bought a house, it’s a great home

[P2]:    Whoo!

[P1]:    … So, how do you feel right now?

[P2]:    I feel great. I feel good. My first house, hey.

[P1]:    Awesome.

[P2]:    It was easy, she got me in fast! … Yeah, but you did it girl, high five.

[P1]:    Cool, well I’m really glad that we were able to help you out.

[P2]:    Thank you, thank you.

Tyrone and Adriana B.
Killeen, TX


[Person 1]:        Hey, my name is Lara with Home Freedom Properties. I’m sitting here with Lesley and we’re in Killeen and she just got a great home. It’s got a lot of wood flooring; it’s got some ceramic tile, a fireplace. Um, just enough space for you to –

[Person 2]:        Yes, perfect.

[P1]:     -- get a nice fresh little start, and um, if you’d like you can go ahead and share a few words about, you know, whatever you’d like to talk about … what is your favorite thing about the home? Or what are some of your –

[P2]:     The floors.

[P1]:     -- favorite things?

[P2]:     The floors; the hardwood floors, definitely. Um, the big yard and the fact that you guys put a fence up for me, when I asked.

[P1]:     -- um, let’s see, what else could I ask you? Did you think that you would be able to purchase a home?

[P2]:     No, had no idea, nope. Was really surprised and VERY grateful actually.

[P1]:     Did you, um, what were some of your favorite things about the process, about working with us?

[P2]:     That it was quick, that you were able to work around my schedule, obviously, and come down here when I need to, which was really good. Thank you again, it was just very personable too.

[P1]:     Cool. Very good, well I’m very glad we were able to help you out, congratulations.

[P2]:     Thank you.

Lesley M.
Killeen, TX


[Person 1]:        So Lucinda, you just purchased your own home. You are officially a homeowner. How do you feel? How was the process? And how are you feeling now?

[Person 2]:        I feel really great and I’m very happy with yall’s help and everything and I just really appreciate everything, thank you.

[P1]:     Awesome, well congratulations.

[P2]:     Thank you.

Austin, TX


[Person 1]:        We just had a whirlwind, um, closing. They gotta head out of here. They’re gonna get moved in, what in about a week? Less than a week?

[Person 2]:        Yep, less than a week!

[P1]:     So, and they just saw this home 4 days ago? 5 days ago? And, WE’RE CLOSING today! … How do you guys, how do you guys feel right about now?

 [P3]:    I’m excited, it’s our first home so … Perfect, what we wanted.

[P1]:     You had a, you were in a manufactured home before this, right?

[P3]:     Mhm

[P1]:     But this is your first single family home, so you’ve got the yard and the garage and all that fun stuff!

[P3]:     Yeah and my daughters excited, she’s gonna get a dog this year, so –

[P1]:     Awesome. Well thank you very much and congratulations.

[P2]:     Thank you Lara.

John and Charity C.
Copperas Cove, TX

Hello, my name is Patsy and I’ve been looking. I’m a first time homebuyer and I met Lara and she worked it out for me and I’M HAPPY!!! (laughs)

Patsy C
Pflugerville, TX

Check out this happy new homeowner’s VIDEO TESTIMONIAL here:


[Person 1]:     So you just bought your own home. You love it; it’s a big beautiful home. How do you guys feel right now?

[Person 2]:     Excited.

[P1]:    Oh.

[P2]:    So excited.

[P1]:    Good, cool, well we’re so glad we were able to help. Thank you.

[P2]:    Thank you, thanks for your help.

[P1]:    No problem.

Victor and Leticia
Austin, TX

Thank you for such an easy fast transaction!

Don Branden and Shannon S.
Leander, TX

INTERVIEWER FROM VIDEO: (Tell us how you’re feeling right now.) I am overwhelmed actually. It’s a great feeling to have a piece of the American Dream, to have your own home. And I’m a young person. You know, you have hard work showing in a beautiful home, it’s a great feeling, so I’m very grateful. And you’ve been very helpful. 

(Oh, thank you very much. So do you have any plans for redecorating or painting?) Oh yes, I have a few things I want to do, but the home is really beautiful so there’s not much that I want to do. 

(Did you ever think you’d be able to own a home at the age that you’re at? You’re 28, right?) Not 28 yet, in September, I’m 27. I was trying to do it before 30, and I actually did it pretty fast.

Camille N.
Killeen, TX

We really weren’t expecting to be able to buy a home for awhile.  But God bless us, we were able to meet Miss Lara. She’s been great with us, educating us on the process, and we couldn’t have done it without her. Tremendous blessings to you. We’ve already painted his room all “McQueen” colors. We’re gonna paint our bathroom and do some landscaping in the future.  Thank you Lara, thank you, Home Freedom Realty, and thank you God, for giving us this opportunity.

Jennifer and Doug W.
Killeen, TX

INTERVIEWER FROM VIDEO: (Hi my name is Lara, I’m sitting here with Norma Guerrero. She just purchased a home that she absolutely LOVES. She was living in this cramped little 2 bedroom, what was it, an apartment? They just moved into an awesome 1800 square foot, 4 bedroom home, they’re gonna have so much space now. And Norma, tell me a little bit about how you feel right now. You just purchased a home!)… I’m so happy. I was looking for a home for the past 4 weeks, and it just took me 4 days to get a new home, and I’m so happy for that. 

(That’s great. Well, I’m very happy for you. Have you ever tried to apply for a loan before? Or what was your situation?) The thing is that I don’t have a history on my credit. So that’s why I never applied for a home… They’re doing the tile all over the house. Thank you!

Norma G.
Manor, TX

The experience has been great. I never thought I’d be able to own a home, so I’m so excited that I am actually buying. And Lara’s been great to work with! Thank you! This is a wonderful birthday present! 
Pamela S.
Killeen, TX

We feel great! We’re very happy we were able to own a home! We’re glad it happened…Thanks so much. You don’t know what this means to us.
Michael, Michele, and family
Killeen, TX

I feel good about owning a home, and it was REALLY easy, a lot easier than I thought it would be! I just went and looked at a house, and the next thing you know, I’m living in it! Thank you!
Jackie and Fred M.
Hutto, TX

We want to thank you for our new home. We’re very happy with the service we got from you!

David and Ada J.
Round Rock, TX

I appreciate all your help!  It was too easy!  Nobody wanted to talk to us before because our credit is horrible, but you guys did and I really appreciate that, my family thanks you, my daughter is ecstatic…We’re READY, we’re ready to move in!   

(THIS IS A TEXT MESSAGE she sent a few days later):  Thank you!  It is still so HARD to believe we are now HOME OWNERS!  We are prepping house so we can paint, and loving every min of it too. Thank you so much Laura we were so LUCKY to find you!  THANK YOU!  Eddie & Margie
Margie D
Round Rock, TX

I’m excited to be able to own a home again!  Our family recently experienced our home getting foreclosed on, and it damaged our credit so badly we didn’t think we’d be able to own a home again.  We’ve had to live with my mom, and it’s been really hard for us and hasn’t felt the same as owning our own home. 

But then I got in contact with Lara, and she gave us that second chance.  Just 1 ½ months after losing our home, we are BUYING a new home that’s even bigger and better than our old house, even with our credit the way it is! Thank you for helping us!

Joanne R.
Kyle, TX

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